IBGPS 2022 Conference

IBGPS 2022 Online Conference on Dance Development

Our IBGPS 2022 Conferences provide unique insights for both students and parents to find out more about dance. and dance education from the discussion with physiotherapists, the head of dance science, strength trainers, dance professionals and education leaders themselves. Their combined knowledge of their specialities helps us form the much-needed information; Defining “strength” and its intimate relation with dance, and deconstruction of the notion of dance education versus dance training. Breaking down and clarifying various concepts regarding this subject.

Let us indulge in the three topics below! 

Held on: 28 – 29 July 2022

Speakers: Janek Schergen, Brent Parolin, Dr Caren Carino, Cao Chi, Christain Tatchev, Gabrielle Davidson, Garry Trinder, Iain Mckay, Judith Coe, Melissa Quek, Stephanie De’ath.

Conference topics

  • Session 1: Common dance injuries and effective prevention and management 

  • Session 2: The World of Dance & Dance Education POST PANDEMIC

  • Session 3: Dance Education Vs Dance Training