About Us

International Ballet Grand Prix (IBGP) is the first and only dance competition supported by NAC and SB, organized by a non-profit organization. The competition aspires to create opportunities for dancers to thrive and grow, nurturing a future generation of dancers capable of bringing the ballet art form to greater heights.


The IBGP Competition is open to students age 7-21, of all nationalities and backgrounds. It is a platform aimed at giving recognition to talented young dancers and providing opportunities for future development to promising students.


The IBGP Workshops are conducted by renowned ballet masters and professional dancers, and are opened to the public age 7 and above. These workshops are an excellent opportunity for dancers to gain valuable exposure and expand their knowledge about dance.


Covering a range of topics on dance education and dance as a career, the IBGP Conference connects students and their parents with leaders within these fields, providing them and the public with useful information, greater depth of understanding, and an insider’s perspective on the dance industry.