IBGPS 2021 Conference

IBGPS 2021 Online conference. Adapting & Transforming: Challenging the New Normal

With the pandemic, we have shifted our IBGPS 2021 Conferences online. Offering a unique opportunity for both students and parents to find out more about dance and dance education from the professionals and experts themselves, focusing on Adapting & Transforming: Challenging the New Normal. How parents and teachers can support the students’ journey and balance between dance and academics, and moving forward what to expect as we face this obstacle.

Speakers: Janek Shergen, Baptiste Bourgougnon, Dr Caren Carino, Christian Tátchev, Garry Trinder,  Joanne Michel, Melissa Quek, Peter Gn, Phua Sze Ping, Resmi Malko, Robert Parker

Held on: 6 & 8 Sept 2021

  • Session 1: 6 September 2021 (Monday), 10.00 am Singapore time 


  • Session 2: 8 September 2021 (Wednesday), 5.00 pm Singapore time