IBGPS 2023 Conference

IBGP 2023 Meet-The-Judges Session

Date:  23 July 2023

Time: 3pm-4pm 

Venue: UCC Theatre

IBGPS Head of Jury & Artistic Advisor: Janek Schergen
IBGPS Conference Convenor: Dr Peter Gn
IBGPS Speakers: Dr Caren Cariño, Christian Tátchev, Christopher Powney, Garry Trinder, Lisa Macuja, Melissa Quek, and Tommy Neblett.

Dance can develop critical thought and creative expression, promote student development, teamwork and leadership qualities as well as enrich the study of other subjects. Hear from our judges on practical tips on strengthening one’s technical and performing skills. Thought-provoking and sometimes funny, in this session the eminent speakers address core dance-related issues head on by igniting the heart and encouraging positive dance practices and attitudes. Topics covered include:

  • What is holistic dance education?
  • Ways to approach a dance class or course of study
  • Criteria that judges look for in dancers
  • Advice on preparation for the competition, mentally and physically
  • Practical tips on strengthening one’s technical and performing skills for peak delivery

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