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IBGP is more than just a platform for competitions and workshops. IBGP Conferences, provide a unique opportunity for both students and parents to learn from dance professionals and experts about dance and dance education. At these conferences, attendees can gain valuable insights and knowledge directly from those with expertise in the field.

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Do you have questions about dance education and/or career, or about dance in general?

You are welcome to send in your questions through email: indicate subject header: “Questions about dance”, and selected questions will be answered on social media or at the IBGP Conference. 

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The IBGP Workshops are conducted by renowned ballet masters and professional dancers, and are opened to the public ages 7 and above. These workshops are an excellent opportunity for dancers to gain valuable exposure and expand their knowledge about dance.










The IBGP Competition includes ballet and contemporary segments and is open to dancers of all nationalities and backgrounds. We are proud to announce the launch of IBGP in the region to reach out to dancers from our neighbours! The Ballet category is for dancers ages 7 to 21 and the Contemporary category is open for dancers ages 11 to 21. Candidates can enrol in only one or both genres and both genres of dance are judged and awarded separately. IBGP is a platform aimed at giving recognition to talented young dancers and providing opportunities for future development to promising students.

Physical and Online Competitions